27th of December 2011.

Nightspade with mig33 have released their latest game Gyropet Ranger on November 2011. In the game, players can select pets with difference appearances and statistics, raise their skill point, join a tournament, fight with other pets, and many more. As a new recruit of the Gyropet Ranger Squad, you have to prove yourself worthy; by being ready and able to protect the city from all evil. Train yourself and your extraordinary mechanical pet, the Gyropet, by doing tasks or exploring various places. One piece of advice? Be on your guard, Nightspadians! Not everything is as easy as it seems.

So, find out more about the Gyropet Rangers: meet Gyro Ball, Gyro Pig, Gyro Gear, Gyro Bird, Gyro Car, Gyro Panda, Gyro Bat, and Gyro Bunny by logging in to mig33 and start playing Gyropet Ranger now! Enjoy, mig33ers!

For further information follow this link :


Note: This game is only available for WAP and mig33 version 4.2 and above.

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