Since a couple of months ago, Nightspadians has been doing a weekly ‘ritual’. Every Wednesday all of us gather around and have a deep discussion about a mobile game. The title isn’t always have to be a ‘hit’ mobile game, but it is always have something special and unique. Every aspect of the game will be discussed, from gameplay, art, music, and even the developer’s strategy to market and promote the game. A few days before the gathering, all of us should play the game first so we all will have our own opinion that will be shared in the gathering. And the result of our discussion is shared here so you could learn something from it.

Ok, so for our first review is “Happy Street”! This game was in featured page in Google Play, and that’s one of the reason that we picked this game to be reviewed. The icon is really catchy and feels like a sticker, which made us want to try to play the game. The other thing that grabbed our attention is, FREE! Yes, this game can be downloaded for free, and for us who love free stuff, this is an opportunity that can’t be missed. And while we downloaded the game, we also checked the rank and the trailer. At the opening of the trailer, we heard a joyous shouts, and with cute style graphic, this game really looks suitable for cute game lover. In a glimpse, Happy Street looks like a simulation game such as Tiny Tower or Pet Society. But from our perspective, this game is better than those two because its graphic art looks better and the game can run in offline, even though it is a social mobile game. Happy Street also looks suitable for both casual and social game player, as it gives plenty of choices in the game.

From the description of the game itself, it really looks general, so it doesn’t show something unique or special compared to the other game. And as the title says, Happy Street, the main purpose of the game is to build a street that is able to support and entertain the ‘people’ (the citizen are all humanoid animal) who live there.

Ok, let’s talk about the gameplay now. The mechanism may looks pretty common in social game, but with unique and cute characters, this game feels really interesting. In this game the player is given objectives as follow :

  • Build a civilization (cottage, shop, park, tree, etc) to make our ‘street’ favorable by the characters

  • Fulfill the citizen’s needs in resources : Collect materials to gain money and tools to finish quests and expand our territory and new areas like forest, mountain, and cave

  • Buy new and exquisite buildings

There are also many surprises can be gained in this game, which are :

Fiesta Mode Fiesta is an in-game event where all characters in our ‘street’ is having a party and they become really addicted in spending their money, thus become income to the player. The character’s eyes turn into hearts, the sky glitters, and the ambience music changes, which emphasizes the Fiesta event.

Quest. Quest is an important part of the game, because upon completion of it, the player will be awarded by many things that is hard to get by doing it he usual ways.

Character Customization. In Happy Street we can cuatomize the characters in a simple way. Sometime in the game, each character will be having a birthday event. By that time we can choose to give gift to that character which are wearable costumes (glasses, hat, shirt, shoe, etc). This way the player wont spend a lot of time in the customization page like The Sims.

Mini Games Remember that we mentioned about suitability of this game for both social and casual gamer? In Happy Street there are a bunch of minigames that can be played, which give a different feeling with simple social game. One of them is Wheel Spin game, like a slot game where player can earn coin or Flozz (special currency in the game) for free.

Flozz Ok, more about it. Aside from coins, player will need Flozz. It is kind of special currency where there are several items or buildings that can be made only by spending Flozz (and this thing is really hard to obtain!). Flozz can also be obtained by simply pay for it, using real money through in-app-purchase of course.

Unique Character. Sometime in Happy Street, you will encounter rare character that will help you progress faster. This character rarely come, and even if they come, we still need to ‘catch’ them by simply tap it.

Now let’s move on to the business side. If we take a look at the aspect of the game that would make ton’s of money, we’ll found that there are 6 of them, which are :

Gatcha System If you are unfamiliar with this term, Gatcha means random prize. The player could obtain something really precious in a cheap way, but it only happens randomly. Take a look at the Wheel Spin. This minigame will award the player with random prize, where the precious prize is a sum of Flooz!

Mission It is a standard ‘to have list’ in the game. Without mission player will have no reason to play the game, and we can’t even determine when ia it going to be finished (the game, I mean). mean).

Fusion To erect a building or crafting tool, we need to spend resources other than money. This is like combining the materials to get another one. This way player tends to spend more to get resources.

Collectibles Collectibles are pretty much everything that can be obtained in the game, but it isn’t necessary to finish the game with every one of them collected. In Happy Street these collectibles are materials and buildings.

Social Rewards This is the interesting part. Being a social game, having a lot of friends connected to your game means easy to get more resources. Even with just visiting our friend’s ‘street’, we can earn up to 3 flozz per day, and 300 coins per friend after that. So the more friend we have, the richer we can get.

Event Let’s talk about the event concept first. This is like new year discount event in your local store nearby. But what is it really in the game? It’s when the player is offered something special or given a specific mission that needs to be fulfilled within an allocated time. In Happy Street event happens when a character (usually Peppin, the blue fox) request specific item to the player. He’ll say that he needs the item before a specific time. With this system, the player will be encouraged to play more or even spend more. Sometime through event, the player will also gain special reward that cannot be obtained in any other way.

Consumable item Developer’s source of income is of course in-app-purchase (if we’re talking about business to consumer / B2C). Hence, we all can see that in Happy Street all items are consumable rather than permanent. This way player tends to buy them again and again. And by buying these items, all citizens of your street will be happy.

So, summarizing everything about Happy Street, all of us Nightspadians are really entertained by this game. Even today some of us are still playing it. One of many reasons of it is because even though the gameplay looks simple, every detail of the game is really polished. Just look at the positioning of your building. If you place specific buildings in an order, you’ll get combo and you will gain money faster. And sometimes if you see a bird flying, you can tap it to gain feather or even make it poo your citizen and you’ll get even. more money!

Well, no perfect game exist in this world. After a week of reviewing, some of us were getting tired of it. Maybe it is because of the gameplay isn’t suitable for hardcore gamer. Some of us who are hardcore gamers only aim for money, thus when he finally able to do that, he lost his ‘reason’ to play the game. And since their goal isn’t to make a beautiful ‘street’, they just make shops all over his street, therefore his street really looks boring. One more thing, since this game can be played offline, one of us tried to cheat the game by manipulating the system time in his device to fasten his progress. It works good, but amazingly, Happy Street developer has calculate that possibility, so they put a protection system which gives the player penalty if they manipulate their system time.

Ok, there are actually still a lot more to explore in Happy Street, but we’ll leave it up to you guys :-) Happy playing!

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