Sorry for the long wait guys. We’re back with our 2nd game review. A couple of weeks ago we reviewed Major Mayhem! We knew this game from our CEO, and apparently it wasn’t a mobile game at the first time (he showed us as a Mac game). At the first time, this shooting game is not too appealing for one of us, but when played for the 2nd and the 3rd time, we became really addicted. Why?

Okay, so, Major Mayhem is developed by Rocket Jump, but published by [Adult Swim] (the publisher of Monsters Ate My Condo, developed by PikPok) which is a kind of action and arcade game. Major Mayhem can be found free in appstores. Based on the appstore, this game is rated 5 stars by the majority of the players (76.046 rates, 87% of all) in Google Play, and rated 5 stars too by almost the same majority of the players (28.594 rates, 86.7% of all) in Apple Appstore.

At the beginning of the game, we were given 3 types of gameplay, which are Classic Mode, Time Bomb, and Survival. In Classic Mode we were given different missions start from forest, metropolis, and desert. In Time Bomb mode, our mission is to shoot down as many enemies as possible within 60 seconds, and in Survival Mode we play in random mission level and try to get score as high as possible without dying.

The story began from a cutscene showing a president. He called for a soldier and he said that the soldier must go on a war. He also said that the soldier’s girlfriend was captured, so, no matter what, he must fight the enemies like ninja, mafia, mummy, desert fighter, etc. in 3 different area which were mentioned before (jungle, metropolis, and desert).

Surprisingly for a 3D game, Major Mayhem has really simple and easy control mechanism. The character will move automatically, and shoot in whatever direction according to the area the player taps. When he’s idle (not shooting), he’ll always stay behind cover so he won’t get hit. This is quite similar to a popular arcade game on game centers (Time Crisis series). Aside from shooting, there’s another move that is controllable by the player. Jumping. Yea, just like a normal platformer game, whenever you see obstacles, pitfalls, or traps, you need to jump to avoid them. Uniquely, in Major Mayhem we can do 2 different interactions to do this action. The first one is to tap 2 fingers at the same time, or press “jump” button at the bottom right of the screen (which will only be visible when obstacles are present).

Aside from an addictive gameplay, we can upgrade the soldier’s weapon and appearances (doesn’t affect the armor though). And there are also up to 150 side missions that can be completed to gain coin faster than just grinding enemies in Survival or Time Bomb mode.

So, summarizing our discussion, Major Mayhem is more than worthy enough to be played on our mobile devices. Even though to get full star on each level on this game is really hard, it still gives us the excitement. They really implement the popular phrase for a game, which is “easy to learn, hard to master”. 

Pros : Simple game mechanic, has quite relevant background story, and quite rare type of gameplay

Negative : Since you can see blood and has “violence and war” theme, this game is not really suitable for everyone