Voilà__! It’s time to change! Finally Nightspade ready to launch its new logo. In the early 2011, the company, which previously concentrated** **in interactive mobile application development, has decided to focus on the mobile game industry (especially games for smartphones and tablets).

After getting involved in mobile game development for roughly a year, we feel that our image needs to fit better in the industry – which leads us to the main reason why we made a decision to rebrand the company. In the early days we wanted our company to give a charismatic and formal impression to clients and customers; but as we move on to the gaming industry we understand that we need to balance them with a touch of cheerfulness. We did a number of researches, sent questionnaires to the team, our friends and our clients to determine the kind of image that would suit us on our journey onward.

Nightspade’s new logo design is still based on the old one. It features a spade, which is considered as the highest ranking suit in card games – with a crescent moon inside the spade as an accent. Black and white is still used as our main colors; we still preserve the principal shape and colors to honor the company’s original values, and also to remember its history, including how it all started - but this time we offer more color alternatives to match various media.

The color alternatives make the logo look younger as well. We really believe that our new logo is simpler and more current. Along with our new tagline, “Pack of joy”, we really wish that Nightspade’s products will become a delivery of happiness for every user.

Our hope for the future is that Nightspade will be able to cherish our 3 primary values*: passion, happiness and creativity. We do what we love and we aspire to deliver happiness on delivering something excellent with innovative and creative games.